International Boxing Organization
International Boxing Organization
Edward S. Levine
John Daddono
Chairman, Championships Committee
Jeremy D. Levine
Vice President
Robert Balogh
Vice President
Hilton Whitaker, III
U.S.B.O. President
Jorge M. Alonso
Vice President, Latin America
Len Hunt
Vice President, Africa
Benedetto Montella
Vice President, Europe
Steve Scott
Vice President, Asia Pacific
Frank Brunette
Chairman, Official's and Grievance Committee
Gregory Reed, M.D.
Medical Advisor
Eric D. Plescow
Executive Assistant
Maria Canizares
President's Assistant
John McDonald
U.K. Press Representative
Fight Commissioners:
Charlie Payne
Alastair Hayes
Ramiro Ortiz
Kiate Sirigul
Frank Hadley
Andre Van Grootenbruel

Edward B. Raduns

*A lot of people still don't recognize the International Boxing Organization as a legitimate world sanctioning body, but I do. Their belt has only been around the waist of the real heavyweight champion since Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in 1999. In general I find the IBO to be a square dealing, uncorrupt, respectable institution which only proclaims 1 world champion per division (unlike the 3 the WBA often has). The history of who's worn their light heavyweight title is equally as impressive as heavyweight. But detailing this division by division is worth another piece of writing altogether...

- Ryan Bivins is a staff writer for BadLeftHook.

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