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Budler vs Rubillar Rematch For June 18!
(By Terry Pettifer -

March 10th, 2010

IBO world junior flyweight champion Hekkie “Hex-ecutioner” Budler will meet Juanito Rubillar of the Philippines in an eagerly-awaited rematch on June 18 at Emperors Palace! In confirming the news, Golden Gloves Promoter Rodney Berman said; “After indepth discussions with the IBO we’ve decided to match the pair on our June 18 extravaganza at Emperors Palace”. While everyone agreed that the first Budler/Rubillar fight for the vacant IBO title, which took place at Emperors Palace on MARCH 27, was a torrid affair, a great many pundits felt that the 33-year-old Filipino was unlucky not to win, and after discussions with IBO President Ed Levine yesterday, Berman has decided to let the two gamecocks settle the debate –either way –on the Emperors Palace “BLOCKBUSTER” event in June.

“Both Golden Gloves Promotions and the IBO have recommended that a rematch take place in order for the result of this razor-sharp rivalry to be free of contention” added Berman “Not that we are questioning the credibility of the three judges at ringside, but since they were all South Africans, and the contest was fought at such a sizzling pace, it was perhaps understandable that there would be allegations of hometown bias. Certainly the IBO have a highly respected presence on the international stage and we concur with Mr Levine that a champion’s standing should be beyond dispute. As such, and given the controversy of their first fight, a return contest will be in the best interests of the sport and I’m sure that both Budler and Rubillar are champing-at-the-bit to underline their dominance in a rematch” said Berman. “I know for a fact that Budler himself would like nothing more than being granted the opportunity to reinforce his status as the new world champion, as this would considerably benefit his reputation”.

The CEO of GGP stressed the fact that two of the three judges for the June 18 contest would be Americans, and this despite the fact that the IBO supervisor for the first fight as well as the referee confirmed that the decision in Budler’s favour was indeed justifiable. “Transparency is a vital part of professional boxing and while it’s as yet unclear which officials the IBO will appoint for the rematch, GGP shall unreservedly support their decision” concluded Berman.

A definite candidate for South Africa’s “Fight of the Year” for 2010, the Budler/Rubillar bout was a humdinger from start to finish and there’s every reason to believe that their return meeting will be another splintering fight that again goes down to the wire!

*Meanwhile following the reprehensible conduct of one particular female supporter at the last tournament, Berman has openly announced that this person will be identified and banned from attending future Golden Gloves events. “It has been said that the woman in question is a Tommy Oosthuizen fan, but since Tommy has distanced himself from all racist and foul-mouthed spectators, we’ll naturally be on the lookout for her at our April 27 tournament when next Oosthuizen fights and will instantly remove her from the venue if she’s there” confirmed Berman.

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