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Hopkins vs. Green in 2010:
Will Danny make Bernard look like an old man?
(By Chris Williams -

December 19, 2009

According to Fight News, a fight between 44-year-old Bernard Hopkins (50-5-1, 32 KOís) and International Boxing Organization cruiserweight champion Danny Green (28-3, 25 KOís) is in negotiations for a bout that will take place in 2010. There isnít any word as to where the location of fight will take place, but you can bet that it likely wonít be taking place in Australia. Hopkins made comments after the Roy Jones Jr. fight against Green, which ended with Green stopping Jones in the 1st round on December 2nd.

Hopkins didnít agree with the quick stoppage of the fight, and said in effect thatís why he would never fight in Europe, confusing Australia for Europe. However, it doesnít matter where this fight takes place. It will be an exciting one regardless of the location of the fight. Green, 36, isnít all that well known to U.S. fans, because the vast majority of Greenís bouts have taken place in Australia. Only recently did Green fight in the United States, defeating Julio Cesar Dominguez by a 5th round stoppage in August.

Hopkins had been planning on fighting Jones next in a fight that would have likely given both fighters a good payday. However, Green destroyed those plans with his 1st round blitz of the 41-year-old Jones. Hopkins briefly sounded as if he still wanted to go ahead and fight Jones, but it appears that heís changed his mind about the futility of that fight given Jonesí quick stoppage loss.

In his last fight, Hopkins defeated middleweight contender Enrique Ornelas by a 12 round decision on December 2nd. It was a dull fight with Hopkins, throwing few punches every round, clinching often but still winning most of the rounds. Hopkins seemed to tire in the later rounds of the fight, giving away a couple of rounds. Thatís understandable because Hopkins hasnít fought in over a year since beating Kelly Pavlik by a 12 round decision in October 2008. However, Hopkins didnít just look rusty. He looked like heíd aged a little since the Pavlik bout, and didnít look nearly as impressive against Ornelas compared to how he looked against Pavlik.

Perhaps Hopkins could have thrown more punches if he wanted to, but then again maybe couldnít. At his age, thereís a good chance that Hopkins is finally starting to show signs of slowing down as a fighter. Thatís not good news for Hopkins fans if that is indeed the case. Green is a young 36, and is the stronger fighter. Green jabs harder than Hopkins, has a better work rate and has bigger power in both hands.

What Green doesnít have is Hopkinsí hand speed and movement, that wonít matter if Hopkins doesnít throw enough punches. If he tries to punch and clinch his way to victory against Green, like he did in Bernardís fights against Joe Calzaghe and Ornelas, then Hopkins may find himself having problems with Greenís better strength. Green doesnít let himself get tied up like other fighters.

Instead, Green muscles his opponents off on the inside, refusing to be tied up. In that respect, Green reminds me a lot of Miguel Cotto, who doesnít allow fighters to clinch with him. If the clinching is taken away from Hopkins, then heíll have no choice but to trade with Green. I canít see Hopkins winning a slugging war with the bigger, stronger Green. It just wonít happen. Hopkins wonít outwork Green, because Bernard has become to economical with his punches in the past three to four years. I see this fight ending badly for Hopkins with him getting badly outworked and made to look like an old man.

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