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(IBO Editorial)

We at the I.B.O. recognize that our main, ongoing challenge as a sanctioning body that has been in business for a relatively short period of time is to convince those in the boxing “establishment” that the new kid on the block has a better way. Our mandate from the beginning – recognizing the corruption and cronyism and payoffs that have proliferated in the sport – has been to create a fair ratings system for boxing. Those who have embraced what we are attempting to do – and the list is swelling by the day – understand that we are the only sanctioning body with independent, computerized, and objective ratings.

We all know too many horror stories of rankings being manipulated for less than honorable reasons. The implementation of an objective ranking system seemed to be just what the doctor ordered to cure one of boxing’s main ills.

Unfortunately, the patient is still sick. A number of people say it is a good idea, but simply cannot break away from the status quo. Some say the I.B.O. is too new a sanctioning body to have major recognition in boxing, but we say what does age have to do with finding a better way and doing business with credibility and integrity?

We believe that boxing can change from within. Boxing is a business. Poorly run businesses should pay the consequences, and for too long in boxing, they have not had to do so. Boxing needs change, positive change. Certainly, we do not need more sick sanctioning bodies; rather, we need a healthy one to supplant some of the sick ones clogging up the hospital called boxing.

We at the I.B.O. will let our growing list of independent premier champions and promoters with foresight, as well as, our computerized rankings, uniform rules, and contribution towards the betterment of the sport over the coming years speak for themselves. We will not, however, relegate boxing to the status quo.

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