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Jack Asis' dream of winning a World title is now reality
by Smithy's Promotions

TEARS FLOWED AND EMOTIONS WERE AT FEVER PITCH as Jack ‘The Assassin’ Asis claimed a fairytale victory against Kye Mackenzie in Newcastle on Saturday night to claim the IBO Super Featherweight World title.

“This is my dream,” Jack Asis said.

“Throughout my whole career I never gave up and I never lost hope I could one day be a World Champion.

“I’m so thankful for this opportunity my trainer/manager Sir Brendon created for me.

“To all my team as well, I couldn’t of done it without you.”

Jack Asis has taken a hard road to reach the pinnacle of World boxing. As a child in the Phillipines he was homeless and lived on the streets of Davao City. At twelve years of age he was begging for food. Everyday was simply a battle to survive.

Jack found a better life through boxing, but it still had more downs than ups. At one stage he lost eight times in eleven bouts between 2009-2010, including 6 straight.

Now he proudly stands as the IBO Super featherweight Champion of the World and riding a thirteen fight winning streak.

“It’s very true the saying – tough times don’t last, tough people do,” Jack Asis said.

“Many times in my life I’ve been confronted with tough times but I never lost sight of my hopes and dreams to create a better life for myself and my family.

“Boxing has given me that opportunity.

“I have a wife and daughter in Toowoomba with me now – they’re my life.

“I’m so proud to be the Champion of the World because it means I can provide more for my family.

This win was also emotional charged because of the tragedy that has rocked the Smithy’s Gym family. Less than three weeks ago, talented young boxer Braydon Smith passed away.

Asis not only had try and keep preparing for the fight of his life but he also had to grieve for the loss of his great mate. The enormity of the loss meant Jack missed one week of training but in the end his will to win overcame any shortcomings from his preparation.

“The preparation wasn’t perfect, but no excuses in this game, that’s what I believe,” Asis said.

“If I would’ve lost the fight, I wouldn’t of used that as an excuse – if you’re a fight!”

Asis paid his respects by trading his traditional red head band for an orange one with the word’s ‘The Great White’ across the front.

“I miss Brayd so much, he was a great friend of mine and I know he’s smiling down on me now.

“Also for Sir Brendon, to lose his son and still be here for me I can never say thank you enough.

“Sir Brendon and Brayd always believed in me, so this is as much their World title as it’s mine.

“When we flew home from Newcastle Sunday night – the first place I went was to Pittsworth to see my mate Brayd to share the moment with him.

It was also a big occasion for Brendon Smith. Everyone knows what Smith has been through in recent weeks. At the beginning of the Newcastle fight night a tribute and final ten bells was held in Brayd’s honour.

In the initial two weeks following Brayd’s passing Smithy’s Gym pro and amateur trainer Steven Spark stepped up and took on the training duties.

“The support from everyone has been unbelievable,” Spark said.

“I can’t say thank you enough.

“I was asked to step in and fill Brendon’s shoes, it wasn’t easy considering the situation but I did my best for Brendon, Brayd and Jack.

“Jack and I chipped away and got him in the best possible shape for when Brendon was ready to return.

“It was an emotional win because I know how close Brayd and Jack were.

“Brayd always looked up to Jack and Jack taught Brayd so much.

“They worked together everyday and Brayd was one of Jack’s key sparring partners for this bout.

“Jack’s win was incredible, it was a great fight and a great performance.

“For a long time Brendon Smith has been saying Jack Asis is a boxing fairytale story and now he’s a World Champion.

“It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

“I know Brayd would be proud of what Jack has achieved.”

“I’m also so happy for Brendon, no one really knows how much effort he goes to for his fighters and how much he cares about us in and out of the ring.

“He’s one of a kind and we’re all so lucky to be involved with him.”

Asis’s victory over Mackenzie has been dubbed by many as a ‘fight of the year’ candidate and round 4 – a ‘round of the year’ candidate.
Both men gave it everything. Mackenzie was on top in the early rounds.

“I could feel his power in the early rounds, he was very strong,” Asis said.

“I was trying too hard in early rounds but I listened to my corner and started to settle down and fight my fight.

“Round 4 was a big round and we both traded some big shots, but from round five onwards his power wasn’t the same.

“From there I used my experience and waited for the opening and it came in the eighth.

“I landed a left hook and I could see it hurt him so from there I just threw everything at him until the referee stopped the fight.

“To see the look on Sir Brendon’s face and to have all my team rush into the ring – it’s a moment I will never forget.”

What’s next for Jack Asis? Who knows, but the hunter is now the hunted. A World title belt leads to opportunity. The world is now at the feet of Jack Asis and the fairytale story still has a few chapters left.

But for now..Jack Asis has other ideas

“Enjoy the moment,” Asis said.

“I’ve waited my whole life for this so I want to enjoy it with my family.

“It’s a far cry from my early days in the Phillipines, looking through bins for food, and looking for a warm place on the street to sleep.

“Sometimes I slept beside rubbish – last night I slept beside an IBO World title belt.

“Dreams really do come true.”


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