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Jones - I'll give Green a lesson in respect
(By Christian Nicolussi - The Daily Telegraph)

November 23, 2009

Roy Jones
American boxing legend Roy Jones Jnr arrives at Sydney Airport for his fight against Danny Green on December 2 Picture: Gregg Porteous Source: The Daily Telegraph

AMERICAN superstar Roy Jones Jr is hardly fazed that Danny Green has lost all respect for him.

"I think he'll have that back by round five, I bet you," Jones said yesterday after touching down in Sydney ahead of next Wednesday's fight with Green at Acer Arena.

Dressed in blue overalls with "Tha Wrecka" name tag, Jones posed for photos before being rushed away in a silver limousine.

In what is shaping as one of the biggest fights on Australian soil, Jones declared he would stop Green in their IBO cruiserweight stoush.

"He won't go the distance, no way," Jones Jr said.

"I can fight inside, I can fight outside, I can do it all. The foot and hand speed will be key to my victory.

"I can win it powerfully, I can win it boxing, I can win it either way - I'm just a better fighter.

"Danny is a strong guy, he's a very tough guy and he's going to put a lot of pressure on me. He'll probably think he'll be able to wear me down.

"I'm 40, he's 36, he's going to think he can wear me down. But that's what I've got ready for."

Jones Jr, who has won 54 of his 59 fights, is keen to humble Green (27 wins from 30) before looking at a multi-million dollar fight against Bernard Hopkins in March.

He laughed at news that Green had employed several "Roy Jones Jr clones" as sparring partners.

"They ain't Roy Jones. You can't fight another Roy Jones in the States. He's in Australia now."

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