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Jordan Shimmell moves up to #4 in the United States after winning USBO Championship
By Team Shimmell Boxing

Jordan Shimmell, 12-0 with 10 knockouts, faced his toughest challenge to date when he faced higher ranked Galen Brown (On fight night Galen was #5 in the U.S. and Jordan was #9) for the USBO Cruiserweight Championship on October 26, 2013 at the DeltaPlex Arena. Jordan won the fight decisively by using his superior boxing skills, speed, power and ring generalship. Two of the judges had him winning by a shutout of 100-90 while the 3rd judge had him winning 98-92. With the clear victory, Jordan Shimmell moved up to #4 in the U.S. in the BoxRec cruiserweight ratings.

The bout was a great learning experience for Jordan as he had to go through previously unchartered territory when he found himself in rounds 7, 8, 9 and 10 as he had never been extended past 6 rounds in his prior 11 bouts. Another first was Shimmell sustaining a cut over his eye from a headbutt in the fourth round and he had to fight the remainder of the bout with the knowledge that he was cut. Neither of the new experiences bothered Jordan Shimmell in the least as he stayed relaxed, never panicked and continued to score meaningful blows against the “Bad Boy” Galen Brown. Jordan’s excellent conditioning was revealed as he closed the show in excellent fashion as he applied constant pressure in the last two rounds looking to seal the victory with a knockout if at all possible. Brown used his nearly 70 bouts of experience to move, hold and survive the last two rounds as he was rattled by Jordan’s punches on several occasions.

Team Shimmell has been moving Jordan Shimmell quickly up the rankings and he is currently #40 in the World. Jordan is the only boxer in the top 50 who has been pro for less than 2 years. Jordan had his pro debut exactly 16 months ago and already is 12-0 and USBO champ. A very impressive rise towards the top in such a short time span.

Jordan Shimmell continues to demonstrate the skills he acquired during his impressive 165 bout amateur career which he further enhanced during the last year competing as a professional and sparring with a bunch of world champions. Jordan will continue to hone his craft in the gym and move upward in the rankings and get one step closer to becoming a world champion. Team Shimmell has been working diligently towards Jordan’s first nationally televised fight which they believe will happen within the next few fights.

For more information about Team Shimmell Boxing contact Dennis Shimmell, Jr. at or 616-560-8622.

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