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Power-punching Flores out to floor 'warrior' Green
(By Daniel Lane - The Sydney Morning Herald)

September 26, 2010

GIBO cruiserweight champion Danny Green is due to start his preparation for a title defence against an opponent who sounds like a character from a science-fiction movie rather than a sweat-stained boxing gym.

Green will fight B.J. Flores in Perth on November 17, and has been told the American can throw a relentless salvo of punches for more than an hour, and that the explosiveness of his bombs increases by the minute.

Flores's trainer, ''Razor'' Ray Franklin, said his fighter, who has been inactive for the past year because his former promoter wouldn't give him opportunities, used the hiatus wisely by developing his power.

''His jab is pound-for-pound perhaps the best in the world,'' Franklin told The Sun-Herald. ''He's strong and getting stronger all the time. B.J. has amazing power, and we've been working on his transference from a boxer to a puncher. We don't want him to just win the belt but to do it in sensational fashion.''

Franklin said one of the best rewards from the time he'd spent finetuning Flores was the power he had developed in his ''offensive assaults''. Franklin said it could be maintained for more than 12 rounds if necessary.

''One of the things for most fighters who unload and go into explosion is they also have to become confident that they can do that for 12 rounds if required,'' he said.

''It's a mental game. You have to build a fighter's stamina and have him feel comfortable about utilising energy in big waves and explosions then recuperating in five to 10 seconds so he doesn't leave himself vulnerable.''

Franklin said he had a healthy respect for Green's jab, and had told Flores not to be lulled into false confidence by Green's slighter frame.

''I advised them this guy is big and strong,'' Franklin said. ''He has a well-balanced athletic build and besides, you just look into his eyes, you can see he's a warrior.

''If you thought for a second we'd take a phenomenal warrior like Danny Green easily, you'd be kidding yourself.''

Flores, who trained in some of Mexico's toughest gymnasiums when he served as a Mormon missionary there in the 1990s, had been frustrated by having his challenges to the world's top cruiserweights ignored.

''I admire Danny Green for taking the fight but I'm going to prove on November 17th that I am the better fighter,'' he said.

''I want what he has, and I don't want to just beat him, I want to destroy him and to show the people of Australia who the better fighter is.''

Green said he chose Flores because he was a massive challenge, being a contender who the world's other cruiserweight champions had shamelessly avoided.

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