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Q&A: Danny Green
(By Ray Wheatley –

November 23, 2009

Danny Green says his respect for Roy Jones has gone and he is looking forward to their December 2 clash at Acer Arena where Jones will challenge for his IBO cruiserweight belt. Jones is looking to make history as the first boxer to claim world titles in all five weight divisions from middleweight to heavyweight. Green said “I can see it, I have this recurring vision that I’ve got and haven’t had this feeling for a long time,” Green said. “I can envisage an earlier than 12th round stoppage by myself against Roy Jones Jr.”

“Knocking Roy Jones out is going to put me right at the top of the mountain and to beat him in the form he’s in is going to make it more of an achievement.” Green stated Jones’ outstanding boxing reputation does not worry him. “The respect’s gone, it’s in the past,” he said.

“The bloke’s coming to knock me out and that’s a very personal thing to do in front of my family and friends.”He’s coming to take my world title belt that I’ve worked 16 long hard years to acquire and simply he’s not getting.” Roy Jones said he was not sure how many rounds the fight will go.”It all depends on how Danny comes out there,” Jones said.

“If he’s going to hit me hard as hell early, because I know he’s strong, he’s quick, it’ll piss me off and from there, there we go.”Danny brings what he brings but I don’t think he will see the 12th round.”Jones said he never considered pulling out of the Green fight after recently signing for a hotly-anticipated fight with old foe Bernard Hopkins to be held just months later.

He said he has been widely urged not to waste his time on a fight with Green which will earn him far less money and attract less interest.But Jones said he his fight against Green gives him the opportunity to achieve something new. “I beat Hopkins with one hand, that ain’t nothing new to do, this is new, I like new stuff. That old business is old business,” he said. “I beat Hopkins way back before you even knew his name with one hand, why should I be concerned about him, that’s not even the issue right now.”

How is your training camp with only two weeks to the big fight? Who have your sparring partners been? Has your new trainer, Angelo Hyder, worked out tactics to defeat Roy Jones?

As usual, training camp is going really well. As a professional fighter I always prepare to the best of my ability, making sure I’m in the best physical condition possible for the bout. I have a fantastic team around me: my coach, Angelo ‘that’s right’ Hyder, my strength and conditioning team, Hayden ‘Snatcha’ Knowles and Craig ‘Red Cloud’ Catterick, and my manager Justin ‘Stavros’ Manolikos. We make a great team, with enough loose screws in there to keep prep enjoyable because boxing is a tough game. Angelo and I work great together, I’m just not sure whether he is crazier than me! Man we laugh a lot, which I can’t get enough of. I don’t do sit-ups, I just hang with that “nutter” and build a six pack laughing.

You are a very aggressive boxer. Will you use similar aggressive tactics that Glencroffe Johnson used to stop Jones in 2004? Your thoughts.

I love going forward and testing my opponents fortitude, but with Roy Jones I cannot be so crude in my attack. He is a master of picking his opponents tactics so I have to be very focused, and willing to taste leather, which I’m cool with, haha. Glen Johnson was a machine in that fight, but it wasn’t rocket science how he carried out his excellent plan. Glen is a great fighter whom I really admire, and he is seriously underrated, especially that night.

Roy Jones was impressive in defeating former IBF 168 pound champion Jeff Lacy. What are your thoughts on this win by Jones? Could you have stopped him earlier? Lacy was extended by Otis Griffin who you defeated easily in three rounds. Your thoughts?

Roy was crazy in that fight. Lacy was a fantastic fighter in his prime with great power, but Roy got him at the perfect time. I’m not big on predicting fights that won’t happen (Lacy and I), but I put Griffin down three times and put him away in three, where as he extended Lacy the distance and one judge had it even, but styles make fights. The only thing that counts is the outcome on December 2nd.

Roy Jones will arrive in Australia on November 20 and it is rumored he will train at Anthony Mundine’s gym. Mundine has styled himself on Roy Jones, Jr. and also trained under Jones, Sr. You clashed with Mundine in a bout that attracted over 30,000 fight fans. What are your thoughts on Jones training with Mundine?

I couldn’t give a rat’s arse where Roy trains. None of my business.

Roy Jones, along with Archie Moore, who had several fights in Australia, are regarded as two of the greatest 175 pounders in the history of the sport. Where do you rate Jones among the great light heavyweights who also include Bob Foster and Michael Spinks. Your thoughts?

Make no mistake, I want to crack Roy’s scone, but as a lover of the sport and as a bloke who doesn’t demean opponents unless necessary, he has to go down as one of the greatest fighters of all time pound-for-pound! He is an excitement machine who is great for the sport the way he conducts himself in and out of the ring.

The fight venue for the Green-Jones is the Acer Arena, which holds 20,000 and is nearly sold out. You are a very popular Australian boxer. What do think gives you this great drawing power?

I think the fact that I never put myself on a pedestal thinking I’m superior to anyone and that I give my all for my fans, and love all of them. They know I love them, and they know they can come over and say g’day anytime. I also think helping out the community in a positive way, especially the kids breeds respect. I’m lucky to be in a position to help those less fortunate, and I’m lucky I was raised that way.

Roy Jones is a solid favorite with the bookmakers to win and has already signed to meet boxing great Bernard Hopkins. Would you accept a bout with Hopkins if your prediction in defeating Jones happens?

I love being the underdog, the pressure is all on Roy, even if its in my backyard. Of course I would accept a fight with Hopkins, he’s a legend. He has said some derogatory things about me and my country. I would gladly go to the States and fight him. Ask Roy’s crew, I offered to fight him for free in America, just give me the TV! Why people have to belittle other fighters to make some noise is caveman shit. What happened to respect and intelligence? Bernard is a phenomenal fighter, but being a good fighter doesn’t make you a good bloke. I love watching you BHop, don’t spoil my good memories of you mate by talking junk.

Will you remain in the cruiserweight division if you retain your IBO crown?

I’m really happy having breakfast, lunch and dinner, with the odd snack in between, so cruiserweight is unreal. Come December 2nd, someone is getting knocked out. I think Roy knows I’m relentless, and my will is built upon a rock. He is a superstar, but I’m desensitized to that now, he is another man in front of me trying to knock me out. I cannot wait, the bigger the risk the greater the reward. I’m a fighter, I love it. Thank you to all of my supporters, you’re the best.

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The Danny Green vs Roy Jones IBO cruiserweight bout will be televised on Foxtel Main Event Pay Per View nationally with several countries also receiving live telecast. Promoter Green Machine Promotions and Square Ring Inc.

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