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What entitles a sanctioning organization to be called credible?
(IBO Editorial)

When we recently asked a website why they re-wrote a media press release sent to them to exclude a previously included reference to a prominent I.B.O. champion, their answer was, "we only include ‘credible’ sanctioning bodies." Well, with that criteria and a definition of credible such as "worthy of belief" or "deserving of credit," we wondered what the word credible really means in boxing as it relates to sanctioning bodies. From what we can gather, it’s been based solely upon the length of time a sanctioning body has been in business. Does this make sense? Our rapid rise in recognition has been based upon what we believe should be the real criteria for a sanctioning bodies’ credibility: honest ratings, operating with integrity, truthfulness, and ultimately, the quality of our champions. We will continue to earn respect and credibility through our actions and hope that those with the power to label sanctioning bodies as credible or not, will base their conclusion on those attributes, not merely by the length of time we have been in existence.

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